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Why Choose
East End? 

East End is striving to lead the industry with innovative approaches to treating complex behavioral health issues.  We offer patient-focused treatments with each person being seen by an expert level psychiatrist, medical doctor, case manager, and nurse. Our team based approach focuses on strengthening the health of each of our patients physically and emotionally.

  • We offer personalized care to our patients in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

  • YOU are important to us and are part of the care team making treatment decisions.

  • We work to empower you to walk in long term healing.

  • We offer comprehensive whole-person treatment: mental, physical, and spiritual through a variety of individual, group, and talk therapies.

  • We are able to treat select comorbidities, if needed, following a comprehensive review.

  • We put the needs of our patients first.

  • We are responsive and focused on all aspects of patient care.

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