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What to Leave Behind 

These items are not permitted for patient use. Please DO NOT BRING them for your loved one when you visit:

  • Food items from outside the hospital

  • Tank tops or skirts and shorts above knee length

  • Any clothing containing drawstrings or other string decorations

  • Computer, camera, iPod, CD player, radio, cell phone, or cords

  • Shoelaces, belts, scarves, hats

  • Sharp items/glass items, mirrors

  • Razors and hygiene items

  • Aerosol products, including hairspray

  • Alcohol-based products

  • Jewelry, money, wallet, and other valuables

  • Illegal drugs, unlabeled medications,alcohol, lighters, matches, or cigarettes

  • Musical instruments, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or yarn

  • Hair dryers ,curling irons and other items needing a charging cord

  • All makeup and saline solutions

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