Mission, Vision, and Values 



East End will be the innovative leader in treating complex behavioral health patients in our acute care hospitals. We pride ourselves on providing a collaborative, patient focused, treatment module. We strive to care for our patients holistically: healing heart, mind, and soul.   




East End is delivering innovative behavioral health care by providing patient centered therapeutic interventions in a safe, compassionate, and personalized recovery environment.  Our expert physicians, specialized therapy staff, and compassionate clinical staff, partner with patients and their support systems to create a treatment path that leads to the best therapeutic outcome. 





We COLLABORATE by developing our treatment plans as a team with patients, physicians, clinicians, and patients’ families.


We ADVOCATE on behalf of every patient, family, and team member.


We RESPECT by recognizing and valuing the dignity, rights, and resources of each patient, family and team member.


We EDUCATE patients, team members and families with purpose and compassion.

We SERVE as a team with integrity at all levels focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients.