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Patient Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I be able to talk with my family while I'm there?

Of course. We understand the importance of keeping in touch with family and friends during your hospitalization so we allow patients to use shared telephones during the day. Note that phones are turned off during group meetings and after 10:30 pm so that patients can get the most out of their stay with us. 

What type of care will I receive?

We will address all areas of care including psychological, medical, and spiritual.  

How long will I have to stay?

Your stay will depend on many different factors, but you will be included in the decision making process along with your care team.  

Will I continue with my current medications while I'm there?

Any medication changes deemed necessary will be made by your psychiatrist and medical physician in coordination with your input.  

Am I allowed to have visitors?

For the safety our patients and staff, visitations have been temporarily suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.  You will still be permitted to talk with family and friends on the phone, and we will notify you when visitors are welcomed back.  

Will I be permitted to smoke there?

No, patients cannot smoke but our physicians will work with you on a medicated replacement and encourage cessation. 

What should I bring?

Click here to see a recommended packing list. 

Can I walk in to your facility and be admitted?

No, all patient's must be referred to us via an emergency department. If you feel you need inpatient mental health care consult your physician or report to your nearest emergency department. You may request to be placed at our facility by letting your medical team know your wishes. Our admissions team will then work with the facility to determine if admission at our facility is appropriate. 

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