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A member of our Admissions Team is available 24 hours a day to address questions and handle patient referrals.  We accept admissions from Emergency Departments, Physicians Offices and Long-Term Care Facilities. Patients must have a psychiatric diagnosis and be under a voluntary or involuntary commitment. 

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When sending a referral for consideration, facilities should submit patient demographics with insurance info, updated labs, medication list, nursing notes/progress notes as available. Patients need to be medically cleared by their Physician for inpatient Psych hospitalizations and proof of examination also submitted with the referral to ensure patient health and safety.    


Due to the clinical acuity of their Psychiatric diagnoses and its treatment, we cannot consider patients receiving dialysis, pregnant patients, patients actively undergoing chemotherapy, and patients in active withdrawal from substances. We can assist patients with drug/alcohol dependencies if their primary diagnosis is a psychiatric diagnosis and they are not actively withdrawing.

Medical complexities such as oxygen needs (6L max), wounds (stage 3/4 ), seizure disorders, and most chronic health conditions are considered with administrative team approval.  

Necessity for psychiatric admission to East End Behavioral Health Hospital may be indicated by: 

  • Patient demonstrates acute symptoms of a psychiatric illness which requires immediate therapeutic intervention. 

  • Patient demonstrates actual or imminent danger to self (e.g. suicidal ideation with a plan, intent, and means or self-mutilation). 

  • Patient demonstrates actual or imminent danger to others (e.g.  aggression, or homicidal ideation with a plan, intent and means). 

  • Hallucinations that significantly impair daily life. Command hallucinations directing harm to self or others. 

  • Disorganized, psychotic, or bizarre behavior that severely compromises the patient’s ability to care for themselves  

  • Continual refusal of nutrition with weight loss. Refusal of care that negatively impacts the patient’s health. 

  • Severe or life-threatening side effects from the use of psychotropic medications. 

  • Severe impairment in interpersonal, social, occupational, and/or educational functioning. 

  • Any acute change in behaviors that directly causes harm to the patient.  



Admissions will be made without regard to race, color, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identification or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.


We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans.  If you have any questions about insurance coverage, contact a member of our Admissions Team at 412-247-2365

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